-Chief Executive Officer-

Mr. Rozo is a founding partner of PRMG, with a diverse background extending over 20 years in the Mortgage Banking Industry. Mr. Rozo provides unparalleled leadership and oversees all facets of the company.

Over the last 10 years, Mr. Rozo hands on experience along with his resilience and unrelenting will has enabled PRMG to navigate through uncharted waters during the most difficult times in the history of mortgage banking. It was during these tumultuous times Mr. Rozo realized the opportunities to be leveraged creating the “perfect storm” to build PRMG into the formidable company that now produces well over $2 billion in annual production.
Furthermore, Mr. Rozo has been a true advocate of the wholesale channel while championing the mortgage broker community by providing financial support and assistance along with continued education and training via the proprietary PRMG Campus program.
Along with his partner Robert Holliday, Mr. Rozo has cultivated a company culture that has allowed PRMG to attract, employ, and retain some of the best people in the mortgage business today.

Mr. Rozo is a graduate of MBA – School of Mortgage Banking; and majored in Real Estate Finance / Business Administration at Cal State University Long Beach.

On a personal level, Mr. Rozo enjoys daily physical fitness, which he attributes to keeping both mind and body in perfect harmony and balance. Most important, Mr. Rozo is a sportsman who loves the ocean and enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Christy and two children Bianca and Andrew, cruising and fishing along the California and Baja coast.