Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. (PRMG) has been consistently ranked in the Top 25 Mortgage Companies in America, ranked in the Top 5 Best Companies to Work for in America. PRMG was recently recognized as one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies by Inc. Magazine. PRMG was founded in the high desert of California in 2001 with only 3 employees. Today, the company is licensed in 48 states with over 188 branches nationwide that are supported by 1800 employees.



Tony Casteel & John White - Branch Managers

Finding great mortgage branch opportunities & loan officer opportunities originators requires a dedicated, disciplined approach to recruiting. At PRMG we have a proven system that becomes a transparent extension of your branches recruitment function, allowing you to place top sales talent within your branch. Take full advantage of our recruiting strategies while maintaining full control over hiring decisions! Let PRMG help you make more money! After all, if our branches are making money, we are making money!


We know that being able to set yourself apart from the competition in all aspects is the ultimate key to your success, in turn, your success determines our success.


We believe that by simply complimenting or giving a high five to someone, that we all can make a positive influence on the world. Our PRMG Family chooses to reward colleagues based on their daily actions and how they take culture to another level.

giving back

It became apparent that not only was it the right time, but imperative that PRMG Cares now turn its focus on promoting the well being of our own PRMG Family. We believe that by providing the necessary support and aid, can we not only help bring comfort to many of our own employees, but help them manage through some of these most difficult crisis, ensuring that their futures remain bright.


Most frequent questions and answers
We are in 48 states + Washington DC.
In addition to the originator being licensed,
some states have additional requirements.
PRMG strives to be flexible with our Branches
while emphasizing production in the local
Yes. PRMG’s Fast Trac 360 software affords you the opportunity to provide your clients with a personal link that takes them to a secure internet page with your personal picture and Bio. Here they will be invited to apply on line and once they “submit” their application, an e-mail will notify you, the originator, that an application in ready for your review.
PRMG boasts a powerful, user friendly proprietary software called; Fast Trac 360.
Numerous changes have occurred with the implementation of the Federal Reserve rule and the Dodd Frank Act. In brief, here are but a few observations we hope we’re all in alignment on;
- Loan Originators must be paid the same, regardless of product type. A Branch may pay originators differently so long as they are paid the same regardless of product type.
Our payroll is done twice monthly, on the 10th and the 25th of the month.
Your Branch Manager and Regional Ops Manager would your first go to, if for some reason it needed to escalate because of the depth of the question PRMG offers a deal desk that is charged with seeking a solution to a loan scenario that may be out of the ordinary.
If there is a benefit, absolutely. PRMG prides itself on its mix of programs and investors. However, in the event there is a program we do not offer and it is believed that we will or should sell this product regularly, PRMG is happy to create additional relationships.
The Branch is responsible for the processing.
PRMG has in-house legal counsel and outside law firms on retainer in order to ensure your Branch marketing and actions including employees are all functioning in a complaint manner.