We Help Our Branches Recruit Better !


Finding great mortgage branch opportunities & loan officer opportunities originators requires a dedicated, disciplined approach to recruiting. At PRMG we have a proven systemthat becomes a transparent extension of your branches recruitment function, allowing you to place top sales talent within your branch. Take full advantage of our recruiting strategies while maintaining full control over hiring decisions! Let PRMG help you make more money! After all, if our branches are making money, we are making money!


Our dedicated staff of processors, underwriters, and closers are here for you! We guarantee 48 hour underwriting turn times and have the ability to close and fund same day if necessary! We have a commitment to quality staff which is uncompromising. We recognize that without quality people it is impossible to operate a quality business! We hire only the most experienced individuals with heavy backgrounds in not only in the mortgage industry… but specifically the mortgage banking side of our industry. Our regionalized operations centers, located strategically throughout the country, allow us to better understand the market places that our Loan Officers serve creating the efficiency, transparency, and communication channels necessary for smooth worry free transactions. The PRMG staff is here to make your deals close on time, every time!


Proper training and employee development are the cornerstones of a solid origination platform. At PRMG; Loan Officer and Staff training begin in the form of a very comprehensive orientation. Orientation covers everything from products and submissions to the use of our website and LOS. We hold live training and product update sessions at least once per week. To complement our live schedule we also maintain a database of recorded trainings, downloadable information presentations, and an online training academy that offers not only general industry coursework but a full array of NMLS compliant CE courses. Let our training department help develop you into the most superior mortgage lender in your marketplace


Imagine not having to worry about payroll, audits, human resources, licensing, investor approvals, warehouse capacity, net worth, quarterly financials, etc. All things that take away from what is most important…. Production! The PRMG accounting system allows our Branch offices to more efficiently manage their accounting practices. Loan-level detail is built right into the system allowing the entire accounting department to collaborate in one real-time web based system. The system allows for PRMG and its Branch Managers to instantly access web reports on loan profitability at the individual level as well as for the entire Branch. Our deal desk, which is the PRMG answer for scenario support, stands second to none, not only are the response quick and accurate, but unlike most lenders the underwriters will actually defer to the deal desk answers! The PRMG IQ system is a state of the art pipeline reporting system, you will receive daily reports emailed directly to you with closed and active pipeline information. The reporting can take place at the macro level or be drilled down as granular as needed to included specific processor, loan officer, etc. A useful tool in decision making and goal tracking!


In today’s mortgage environment accessibility to product is imperative. Multiple stable, aggressively priced, and flexible investor channels are needed to ensure competiveness and profitability. Our investor relationships are second to none! We are agency direct and portfolio a large percentage of our pipeline and what we don’t portfolio we deliver to one of our multiple investor outlets… We deal with all the large banks as well as the more exclusive non banks including the larger Hedge Funds and REITs. At PRMG we have the ability to operate on both lending and broker platforms, allowing our Loan Originators the flexibility to compete in today’s market. Over 99% of our business is conducted via our lending platform with underwriting, closing, and funding taking place in house. However, on the off chance we run into a unique transaction (Foreign National, Non-Warrantable Condo, etc.) we still have the ability to facilitate the transaction.


How about mortgage marketing tools that actually work! PRMG can help you take the pain out of prospecting and relationship building. All of our Mortgage Branch Opportunities & Loan Originators have 24/7 access to our online marketing tools. These can be used for creating material to market yourself or as a cobranded piece to build added value for your referral partners. You can also create mailings, email campaigns, newsletters, presentations, and much more. In addition, partner with one of our third party vendors and get added access to deeply discounted marketing technology such as contact management systems and analytical lead generation and tracking. PRMG has recognized the shift of marketing in our industry to the web and in response provides free websites to all of our Mortgage Branch Opportunities &Loan Originators with online application integration as well as dedicated staff focused on search engine optimization and social media marketing. With PRMG the guess work is gone, we have proven systems that work smarter and harder allowing our Mortgage Branch Opportunities & Loan Originators to do what they do best, close loans!


How about a branching platform that helps you build your business! Most branch platforms out there have one concern, what is the branch production. There is usually no concern with how the business is driven in the door. At PRMG we have developed a proven recruiting system that works. Helping to compliment your current recruiting strategies and while broadening your sphere of influence.


PRMG is set up in such a way that a Branch may set margins and deliver pricing to its Loan Officers in multiple different ways while staying compliant. It is fully customizable! This flexibility allows a Branch to compete and recruit with ease as compared to the competition.


Improve the way you do business with PRMG. At PRMG our automated loan eligibility & pricing solution helps you sell better, prospect more effectively, and ultimately increase your profits. Our pricing engine provides Loan Originators with speed accuracy, and flexibility for multi channel eligibility and best execution loan pricing. Delivered with simplicity in design, the PRMG pricer is highly robust in capability! Let us help you sell more effectively by ensuring you obtain the transparency necessary to obtain accurate program detail and 360 degree eligibility at the point of sale helping to increase profitability.

Joining PRMG Will Be The Best Decision Of Your Career!