Delivering the right mortgages, for the right reasons, in a way that exceeds all expectations, that is our business. Our commitment is for our loan officers to provide a smooth transaction for all loan applicants.

There are thousands of variables that can affect the outcome of your mortgage transaction. Mortgage Lenders with inexperienced staff, who do not employ top professionals, can make mistakes, costing you thousands of dollars, create a difficult experience for you and even result you getting turned down for a mortgage after, you’ve invested your time and money into the mortgage transaction. You deserve better.

PRMG believes you deserve to work with top experts in the mortgage industry, who are on accurate, highly knowledgeable, communicate all the information you need and are dedicated to obtaining the best mortgage at the best rate for you. Your loan approval, speed of closing on your mortgage and your total experience starts with your loan officer, who is responsible for your mortgage application. You will work with a world class Loan officer and our support staff, (all in-house), who process your application, are top notch and all are dedicated to securing you the best mortgage, as soon as possible.

That’s why choosing PRMG to be your mortgage lender is the best choice!

We have 106 locations nationwide and are licensed in 48 states. Call us at 877-764-1758 to speak to a loan officer.